Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. due to 40 years experience in supplying ferrous and non-ferrous materials, has developed services to complete its activity.


Materials supply

Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A supplies raw materials for steelworks, and industry in general. Our Company process different types of materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous semi-products, scraps and residues, stainless steel and ferro-alloys.


Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. has got its own fleet of containers and works with many transport companies to organize shipment in due time all over the

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world by truck, rail and vessel.
To optimize the shipping time and to reduce costs, the transport service also includes logistics.



Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A., cooperates with many transport companies all over the world and clears the goods in import and export.